Skin conditions can be frustrating and embarrassing for those who suffer with them, particularly when the condition is as severe as psoriasis. Psoriasis is a particularly serious skin condition that leaves sufferers with red, scaly patches that can sometimes be thick and plaque-like. As a result of these patches, patients generally experience itching and flaking, sometimes accompanied by painful cracking, bleeding, and oozing. Because the condition is caused by an underlying auto-immune issue, psoriasis can’t simply be moisturized away like standard dry skin.

Mainstream medicine offers several treatments for psoriasis that provide clarity of skin and reduction of symptoms for many patients. A variety of creams, ointments, and oral medications are regularly prescribed by doctors to achieve long-term management. Unfortunately, such medications often contain ingredients with potentially severe side-effects; many ointments and injections that target psoriasis rely heavily on the effects of cortisone, a steroid that can cause serious side-effects like thinning of the skin and delayed healing of wounds if used too often. Other injectable medications like adalimumab carry hefty warnings against the possibility of re-activating serious latent diseases like tuberculosis.


While most patients can use such treatments safely so long as they obey the use directions, some may find that their symptoms aren’t well-managed by the recommended amounts. Still, others may have a unique sensitivity to cortisone, making such treatments impossible. Whatever the case, those seeking alternative treatments for psoriasis may find an answer in cannabinoid treatments.

Brands like Bluebird Botanicals have been extracting high grade potent CBD oil that has been found to have several anti-inflammatory effects that provide relief to a wide variety of conditions including psoriasis. In the case of psoriasis, CBD oil not only acts to reduce the inflammation of the skin but also specifically slows the advanced rate at which skin cells proliferate in psoriasis patients. Because psoriatic skin produces new skin cells at a significantly higher rate than normal, CBD oil helps to bring cell division closer to normal, reducing the likelihood that the patient will develop new scaly patches. In addition to slowing the mechanism of psoriasis patches, CBD oil also works to moisturize, provide antioxidants, and protect skin from UV damage.

Of course, CBD oil is only part of the solution to long-term care and management of such a severe and potentially disabling skin condition. In general, both mainstream doctors and users of CBD oil recommend that psoriasis patients use the oil from Bluebird Botanicals in tandem with a proper diet and a healthy, active lifestyle to achieve the best possible results.

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